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What is Rollbar about?

Rollbar is an AI-assisted error monitoring tool that goes beyond traditional error monitoring solutions. It helps development teams to proactively discover and fix errors in real-time with automation-grade grouping, AI-assisted workflows, and seamless integrations with popular development tools like GitHub, Atlassian, Terraform, Slack, and more.

With Rollbar, development teams can reduce noise in error monitoring and build trust by removing duplicates from the error list and automating the triaging process. The AI-assisted workflows enable faster response to issues, resulting in lower mean time to awareness (MTTA) and mean time to resolution (MTTR) while maintaining high-quality customer experiences.

Rollbar also provides code context on each error to debug quickly at scale. You can see the stack trace with the offending line of code, retrieve git blame information, and keep track of each deployment - all in one place.

Finally, Rollbar is fully compliant with stringent industry standards and builds features that help you do the same. With Rollbar, you can be assured of the security of your data and your customer's data.

What are Rollbar features and benefits?

- AI assisted grouping for error monitoring
- Real-time error discovery and alerts
- Automatic rollback and fix
- Automation grade grouping to reduce noise
- Easier triaging through duplicate removal
- AI-assisted workflows for faster issue response
- Link errors with each deploy for code context
- Stack trace with offending line of code
- Retrieve git blame information
- Seamless integrations with various platforms
- Compliance with industry standards for security

What is Rollbar pricing?

Rollbar offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of events per month. The pricing tiers are as follows:

- Trial: 5,000 events/month for $0
- Hobby: 30,000 events/month for $19/month
- Bootstrap: 100,000 events/month for $49/month
- Accelerate: 500,000 events/month for $149/month
- Growth: 1,500,000 events/month for $299/month
- Business: 4,000,000 events/month for $625/month

Integrate Rollbar in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Rollbar in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows development teams to proactively discover and resolve errors in real-time, reducing noise in error monitoring, and automating workflows with faster response to issues. Additionally, it provides code context on each error to debug quickly at scale, and enables seamless integration with other tools, all while maintaining stringent industry standards for security.

Learn more about Rollbar on the GitHub marketplace.

Rollbar GitHub integration screenshots

Trace errors with git blame

Trace errors with git blame

Source control, deploy, and version tracking
Real-time error visibility
Automatic AI and manual noise reduction

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