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What is SadaivCI about?

SadaivCI is a GitHub application that provides an easy and free solution for backing up GitHub repositories on web3 infrastructure. With SadaivCI, developers can protect their hard work and focus on writing code without worrying about losing their progress. The no-code tool automatically backs up GitHub contributions in seconds, ensuring that individual developers, organizations, and DAOs have a plan in place to protect their valuable contributions.

SadaivCI also creates a developer identity for users to share proof of work to anyone on-chain, making it easy to showcase their contributions and establish credibility in the developer community. By using SadaivCI, developers can rest easy knowing that their contributions are secure and accessible whenever they need them.

Overall, SadaivCI is a powerful and user-friendly tool that helps developers and organizations protect their hard work and establish their credibility in the developer community.

What are SadaivCI features and benefits?

- Easy backups for Github repositories on web3 infrastructure
- Creates developer identity for sharing proof of work on-chain
- No-code tool for automatic backups
- Fast backup process in seconds
- Ensures protection for valuable contributions of individual developers, organizations, and DAOs.

What is SadaivCI pricing?

The pricing for SadaivCI's Starter Free plan is $0, which includes backup for public repositories.

Integrate SadaivCI in Slack with Axolo

Integrating SadaivCI in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows developers to easily backup their code contributions on web3 infrastructure and share proof of work on-chain while also facilitating faster code reviews through Axolo's ephemeral channels and targeted invitations.

Learn more about SadaivCI on the GitHub marketplace.

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