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What is Scitor CustomerOps about?

Scitor - CustomerOps is a B2B SaaS solution that simplifies the support workflow for businesses by allowing them to manage all customer inquiries in one place. With Scitor, businesses get a dedicated email address for their customers to send inquiries to, which are automatically converted into GitHub discussions. This means that businesses can manage all support requests from within the rich GitHub interface, without ever leaving their development environment.

Scitor offers additional features like automated email-to-discussion conversion, efficient support management, AI-powered request summarization and sentiment analysis, spam filtering and sender blocking, and workflow automation. With these features, businesses can efficiently manage their support requests within GitHub, respond to inquiries, track issue status, and collaborate with their team in one place using the rich Discussion UI.

Using AI to summarize customer requests and provide sentiment analysis, Scitor helps businesses quickly identify the most important issues to address. The spam filtering and sender blocking features keep the support box clean, and the workflow automation feature enables businesses to automate their workflow based on events such as the creation of a new discussion or the addition of a comment to a discussion. Overall, Scitor - CustomerOps is a powerful tool that streamlines the support workflow for businesses, making it easier to manage customer inquiries and provide excellent customer

What are Scitor CustomerOps features and benefits?

- Dedicated email address for customer inquiries
- Automatic email-to-discussion conversion
- Efficient support management within GitHub
- Ability to respond to inquiries and track issue status
- Collaboration with team members using Discussion UI
- AI-powered request summarization and sentiment analysis
- Spam filtering and sender blocking
- Workflow automation based on events such as new discussion creation or comment addition.

What is Scitor CustomerOps pricing?

The pricing for Scitor - CustomerOps' GitHub application is free for small support desks, allowing them to receive and send emails with a maximum of 100 emails at no cost.

Integrate Scitor CustomerOps in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Scitor - CustomerOps in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows you to manage all your customer inquiries and support requests in one place, while also being able to review code faster through Axolo's ephemeral channels. Additionally, Scitor's AI-powered request summarization and sentiment analysis feature can help prioritize the most important issues to address in your support workflow.

Learn more about Scitor CustomerOps on the GitHub marketplace.

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Mails to discussions

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