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What is Semgrep about?

Semgrep is a powerful and efficient open-source static analysis engine designed to detect bugs, enforce code standards, and identify dependency vulnerabilities. With over 2,000 pre-built rules and the ability to create custom ones, Semgrep can quickly and accurately identify the issues that matter most to your codebase. This versatile tool works with over 25 different programming languages and can be easily integrated into your workflow, providing results in the terminal, editor, or CI/CD pipeline.

Semgrep is available as a GitHub App, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your projects with just one click. It also provides centralized rule and result management across multiple projects, making it easy to keep track of issues and maintain code quality. With Semgrep, you can quickly flag issues and receive results in pull requests, Slack, and other communication channels.

Semgrep is supported by r2c, and it has evolved from the Linux refactoring tool Coccinelle and the Facebook project Pfff. To learn more about Semgrep and how it can help improve your code quality, visit

What are Semgrep features and benefits?

List of Semgrep application features:
1. Fast, open-source, static analysis engine
2. Finds bugs, detects dependency vulnerabilities, and enforces code standards
3. 2,000+ built-in rules and easy-to-create custom ones
4. Works on 25+ languages
5. Scans with 2,000+ community rules
6. Writes rules that look like your code
7. Quickly get results in the terminal, editor, or CI/CD
8. Flags issues and get results in pull requests, Slack, + more
9. Get Semgrep results as PR comments
10. Add Semgrep to your projects with one-click
11. Manage rules and results across multiple projects from one centralized place.

What is Semgrep pricing?

Semgrep Community is a free GitHub application for personal accounts and organizations.

Integrate Semgrep in Slack with Axolo

Learn more about Semgrep on the GitHub marketplace.

Semgrep GitHub integration screenshots

One-click add Semgrep to your project

One-click add Semgrep to your project

Let rules monitor only, comment, or even block PRs
Review findings across all projects or filter down to specific projects
Go directly from a finding to the specific code location that triggered it within GitHub

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