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What is Slash Command about?

Slash Command is a powerful GitHub application that allows you to control your GitHub Issues and Pull-Requests through slash commands in your comments. With Slash Commands, you can perform various actions such as requesting reviews from your peers, inserting your favorite GIFs, and automatically merging Pull-Requests once all checks are green. The application works across all GitHub's interfaces, including Visual Studio Code, CLI tool, and Web UI, making it easy for you to use your favorite slash commands.

Slash Command expands GitHub's features to make you faster and more productive. In addition to the standard functionality that GitHub already offers, Slash Command adds features such as a Giphy integration and the ability to automatically merge pull-requests when all the checks have succeeded.

Getting started with Slash Command is easy. Simply install the app on your projects and type /help in one of your Issues/Pull-Requests and follow the instructions. If you have a new command idea, the team behind Slash Command would love to hear from you. So, give Slash Command a try and see how it can help you streamline your workflow and make you more productive.

What are Slash Command features and benefits?

- Control GitHub Issues and Pull-Requests through slash commands in comments
- Insert GIFs in comments with /giphy command
- Request reviews from peers with /request-review command
- Automatically merge Pull-Requests when all checks are green with /merge-when-checks-green command
- Works across all GitHub interfaces
- Expands GitHub's features to increase productivity
- Giphy integration
- Easy to get started with /help command
- Open to new command ideas

What is Slash Command pricing?

The pricing for Slash Commands is free, which includes all the functionality available for your repositories.

Integrate Slash Command in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Slash Command in Slack with Axolo allows engineers to perform actions such as requesting reviews or merging pull requests directly from Slack, making the code review process faster and more efficient.

Learn more about Slash Command on the GitHub marketplace.

Slash Command GitHub integration screenshots

Watch Slash Commands in Action!

Watch Slash Commands in Action!

Before: Using your slash commands in the chat-box
After: We'll do the heavy lifting for you

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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