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What is Snitch-Bot about?

Snitch-Bot is a GitHub application that leverages Probot and whatsapp-web.js to provide real-time updates about your GitHub repository in your WhatsApp group. It is designed to streamline communication and collaboration among team members working on a project hosted on GitHub. With Snitch-Bot, you can receive notifications about updates to your GitHub repository in real-time, ensuring that everyone on your team is up-to-date with the latest changes.

To use Snitch-Bot, you need to install its dependencies and run the bot. You can also use Docker to build and start the container. If you have any suggestions or want to report a bug, you can open an issue and contribute to the development of Snitch-Bot.

Overall, Snitch-Bot is a useful tool for teams working on GitHub projects who want to stay informed about changes to their repository in real-time. By integrating with WhatsApp, Snitch-Bot makes it easy for team members to communicate and collaborate on their project more efficiently.

What are Snitch-Bot features and benefits?

- Sends updates about your GitHub repo in WhatsApp
- Built with Probot and whatsapp-web.js
- Can be installed with npm or Docker
- Can be run with npm start or Docker run commands
- Supports contribution and bug reporting through GitHub issues
- Licensed under ISC © 2022 Debjeet Das

What is Snitch-Bot pricing?

Starter plan is free of cost.

Integrate Snitch-Bot in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Snitch-Bot in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to receive updates about their GitHub repository in Slack, where they are already collaborating on code review with Axolo. This integration streamlines communication and makes it easier for engineers to stay up-to-date on their project's progress.

Learn more about Snitch-Bot on the GitHub marketplace.

Snitch-Bot GitHub integration screenshots

App Demo

App Demo

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