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What is SnoozeThis about?

SnoozeThis is a powerful GitHub application that helps users manage their blocked issues efficiently. With this bot, users can easily tell SnoozeThis what their tasks are waiting for and the bot will hold on to the blocked issues until the right time. For instance, users can add a comment to any issue with @SnoozeThis and the bot will take over and hand the issue back to the user when the dependent issue has been resolved.

SnoozeThis is not limited to waiting for GitHub issues alone, as it can wait for other tasks as well. By simply visiting, users can get an overview of the various commands available.

While SnoozeThis works out of the box on GitHub, installing the app unlocks more functionality, such as quicker response times and the ability to use actions. With actions, users can assign snoozed issues to other team members, add or remove labels, and more. Overall, SnoozeThis is an essential tool for users who want to manage their blocked issues effectively and efficiently.

What are SnoozeThis features and benefits?

- SnoozeThis holds on to your blocked issues
- Hand back issues at the right time
- Add comment to any issue @SnoozeThis to activate
- Wait for more than just GitHub issues
- Works out of the box on GitHub
- Installing the app unlocks more functionality
- Quicker response times for snoozed issues
- Assign snoozed issues to SnoozeThis
- Use of actions like wait until a specific date, assign to specific people, remove labels, and add labels.

What is SnoozeThis pricing?

The pricing for SnoozeThis is free of charge for fair use.

Integrate SnoozeThis in Slack with Axolo

Integrating SnoozeThis in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily manage their tasks and ensure that they are working on the right code at the right time. By using SnoozeThis to hold on to blocked issues and hand them back at the appropriate time, engineers can focus on reviewing code without worrying about losing track of their tasks. This integration also unlocks additional functionality, such as quicker response times and the ability to assign tasks to specific team members.

Learn more about SnoozeThis on the GitHub marketplace.

SnoozeThis GitHub integration screenshots

Basic usage

Basic usage

Advanced actions using the app

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