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What is Softagram about?

Softagram is a powerful GitHub application that helps improve the quality of pull requests and save time on code reviews. With Softagram, you can analyze all of your pull requests and get a deep analysis report of each one. This report shows the impact and changes in dependencies quickly, even detecting dependency violations for you. Softagram also helps eliminate new harmful dependencies by illustrating any unwanted or harmful dependencies. Additionally, you can add your own dependency rules and Softagram will automatically warn you when they are violated.

With Softagram, you can keep your internal and external dependencies in order, making code reviews faster and more efficient. Softagram's visualization gives you a good understanding of the pull request in just a few seconds, allowing you to see the direct impact of the change. The Softagram impact graph shows all the components that are affected by a pull request, providing important information about possible regression.

Softagram also helps improve the quality of the software by reducing technical debt with easy detection of architectural violations. You can get a better understanding of code changes and Softagram supports a wide range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, C, CPP, C#, .Net, Objective C, Scala, Go, and TypeScript, Kotlin. Overall, Softagram is an indispensable

What are Softagram features and benefits?

- Deep analysis report of each pull request
- Impact and changes in dependencies quickly detected
- Detection of dependency violations
- Illustration of unwanted or harmful dependencies
- Customizable dependency rules
- Visualization for faster code reviews
- Direct impact of change shown in impact graph
- Detection of architectural violations for reduced technical debt
- Better understanding of code changes
- Language support for JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, C, CPP, C#, .Net, Objective C, Scala, Go, TypeScript, Kotlin

What is Softagram pricing?

Softagram's pricing is based on a free trial followed by full access for everyone in the team, priced at $19 per active developer per month in selected repositories.

Integrate Softagram in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Softagram in Slack with Axolo can benefit engineers by providing a deep analysis report of pull requests, detecting dependency violations, and keeping internal and external dependencies in order. It can also help save time on code reviews by providing a visualisation of the impact of the change and detecting architectural violations, ultimately improving the quality of the software.

Learn more about Softagram on the GitHub marketplace.

Softagram GitHub integration screenshots

Just open a pull request and follow the checks.

Just open a pull request and follow the checks.

Softagram Impact Report
Dependency details
Impact graph

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