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What is SonarCloud about?

SonarCloud is a powerful B2B SaaS application that helps developers ensure the quality and security of their code. The service offers static analysis of pull requests and branches, detecting security vulnerabilities, bugs, and code smells that may compromise the quality of the code. SonarCloud provides clear remediation guidance to help fix issues in code, saving time during code reviews and ensuring that code meets quality and security requirements.

The service offers natively integration with GitHub and decorates pull requests with analysis results, providing high-quality feedback early in the workflow. SonarCloud automatically analyzes code after every commit and generates a comprehensive report in the pull request directly. The service also monitors key metrics about the code, including security, maintainability, reliability, code coverage, and code duplications.

SonarCloud supports continuous integration and delivery, allowing developers to fail pipelines when the quality or security of their code doesn't meet the requirements they set for it. The service is designed with a developer-centric experience, tailored to meet the needs of developers and help them learn and implement coding best practices. Overall, SonarCloud is an essential tool for any developer looking to ensure the quality and security of their code.

What are SonarCloud features and benefits?

- Static analysis of pull requests and branches
- Detection of Security Vulnerabilities, Bugs and Code Smells
- Clear remediation guidance
- Time-saving during code reviews
- Quality and security requirements met
- Native integration with GitHub
- Comprehensive report in pull request
- Software quality and security monitoring
- Key metrics tracking
- Support for continuous integration and delivery
- Fail pipelines when quality or security requirements are not met
- Developer-centric experience
- Tailored for developers' needs.

What is SonarCloud pricing?

SonarCloud's pricing for Free/Open Source projects is $0.

Integrate SonarCloud in Slack with Axolo

Integrating SonarCloud in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for real-time notifications and updates on code quality and security issues during code reviews, making it easier for developers to identify and fix issues early in the workflow.

Learn more about SonarCloud on the GitHub marketplace.

SonarCloud GitHub integration screenshots

Keep an eye on the health of your project and see latest activity

Keep an eye on the health of your project and see latest activity

Receive static analysis results directly in your pull request
Check the main branch status and release with confidence
View issues in the context of the code and get clear remediation guidance

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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