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What is SourceSpy about?

SourceSpy is a powerful GitHub application that automatically generates a complete set of architecture diagrams for any software project. With no effort required, users can obtain a clean and meaningful documentation that illustrates all components and dependencies of their project. This feature allows developers to explain the structure of their project to new or other developers, and to have a visual representation of complex source code, making it easier to understand its logic.

SourceSpy offers a range of features, including fully automated diagram generation, support for call, architecture, module, and other diagrams, deep analysis of the source code including method calls, comments, hierarchies, dependencies, and more. The application is updated every night based on the Git code and currently supports the Java programming language, with C++ support coming soon.

SourceSpy's AI algorithm goes beyond class and method signatures to analyze the underlying logic of the repository source code, creating a visual representation of the source code and its dependencies. The application is easy to use, with users simply needing to install it from the GitHub Marketplace, select the private or public repositories they want to create diagrams for, and log in to SourceSpy at any time to access all previously generated diagrams.

Overall, SourceSpy is an invaluable tool for developers looking to simplify the documentation process and understand

What are SourceSpy features and benefits?

- Fully automated diagram generation
- Support for call, architecture, module and other diagrams
- Deep analysis of the source code including method calls, comments, hierarchies, dependencies...
- Updated every night based on your Git code
- Supports Java programming language (C++ coming soon)

What is SourceSpy pricing?

The pricing for SourceSpy's basic plan is $0, which offers automatic documentation creation for your project.

Integrate SourceSpy in Slack with Axolo

Integrating SourceSpy in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to quickly access visual representations of the project's architecture and dependencies directly in Slack, making it easier to understand the logic of the source code and speed up the code review process.

Learn more about SourceSpy on the GitHub marketplace.

SourceSpy GitHub integration screenshots

Method Call Diagrams

Method Call Diagrams

Class Hierarchy
Package Structure
Maven Dependencies

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