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What is Spampr about?

Spampr is a GitHub application built with Probot that helps label spammy pull requests. The app was created in response to the increasing number of spammy pull requests being submitted to legitimate repositories during the Hacktoberfest T-shirt event. The app works by adding tags such as "spam", "invalid", "spamprbot-reject", and "spamtober" to any pull request it deems to be spammy. It also adds a personalized comment to the pull request. Conversely, if the bot determines that a pull request is legitimate, it adds a "spamprbot-accept" tag and a simple comment. The maintainer of the repository can then view all pull requests with these tags and close them if necessary.

Spampr's workflow is based on the assumption that if a user has been assigned an issue, their pull request is legitimate. If someone who has not been assigned an issue submits a pull request, it will be marked as invalid. While this may not be a perfect solution, it can be helpful for repositories that are receiving large volumes of spammy pull requests during events like Hacktoberfest. However, if this workflow may hinder contributions to a pull request, it is recommended that the bot not be used.

What are Spampr features and benefits?

List of Spampr features:
- Built with Probot
- Labels spammy pull requests
- Adds "spam", "invalid", "spamprbot-reject" and "spamtober" tags to spammy PRs
- Adds "spamprbot-accept" tag to legit PRs
- Adds personalized comments to spammy PRs
- Adds simple comment to legit PRs
- Maintainer can view all pull requests by tag
- Maintainer can close spammy PRs if required
- Assumes only assigned issue contributors make legit PRs

What is Spampr pricing?

Free plan: $0.

Integrate Spampr in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Spampr in Slack with Axolo can be beneficial as it can help engineers quickly identify and label spammy pull requests. Axolo's ephemeral channels and personalized invites can ensure that only the right people are involved in the code review process, while Spampr can help filter out spammy PRs and streamline the review process.

Learn more about Spampr on the GitHub marketplace.

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