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What is Speakeasy API about?

Speakeasy is a powerful API development experience (DevEx) platform that offers best-in-class SDKs to its users. It enables its users to automatically create SDKs from their API specifications, which are fully typed, idiomatic, human-readable, and fully-equipped with telemetry, retries, pagination, and more. Speakeasy provides a seamless experience to developers by generating code that adheres to common language conventions, making it easy to debug and maintain.

Speakeasy supports a wide range of programming languages, including Go, Python, Typescript, Java, PHP, and HCL. The platform is designed to provide developers with a straightforward and intuitive way to create SDKs, without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details of API development. Speakeasy's SDKs are type-safe, ensuring that developers can work with confidence and avoid errors.

Overall, Speakeasy is an excellent tool for developers who want to focus on building great applications, rather than spending time on tedious API development tasks. By automating the creation of SDKs, Speakeasy saves developers time and effort, while also improving the quality and reliability of their code.

What are Speakeasy API features and benefits?

- Speakeasy creates SDKs from API specs
- SDKs are type safe
- SDKs are idiomatic
- SDKs are human readable
- SDKs include comments and READMEs for easy debugging
- SDKs are fully equipped with telemetry, retries, pagination, and more
- Speakeasy supports the following languages: Go, Python, Typescript, Java, PHP, HCL

What is Speakeasy API pricing?

The pricing for Speakeasy Beta is $0. It is a free program.

Integrate Speakeasy API in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Speakeasy API with Axolo can enhance the developer experience by automatically creating type-safe and idiomatic SDKs from the API spec, which can help developers review code faster and more efficiently.

Learn more about Speakeasy API on the GitHub marketplace.

Speakeasy API GitHub integration screenshots

Welcome to Speakeasy

Welcome to Speakeasy

Create SDKs
Configure SDKs
Explore Request Data

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