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What is StackAid about?

StackAid is a unique GitHub application that provides a simple and effective way to donate to all the open source software projects that you depend on. The platform operates by distributing your subscription fee among your projects' direct and indirect dependencies based on your project configuration (e.g., package.json). This way, you can support the open source community without the hassle of decision paralysis and mechanics of paying.

Open-source funding has been a challenge due to the overwhelming number of dependencies involved in even the most trivial projects. StackAid solves this problem by automatically dividing your monthly subscription amount evenly across all your direct dependencies. Each direct dependency then shares up to half of its allocation with its dependencies, ensuring that all the projects you depend on are adequately funded.

With StackAid, you can rest assured that your contribution is making a real difference in the open source community. The platform simplifies the donation process and ensures that your subscription fee is distributed equitably among all the projects you depend on. By using StackAid, you can support the open source community without the hassle of managing multiple donations or worrying about decision paralysis.

What are StackAid features and benefits?

List of StackAid features:
- Simple way to donate to open source software projects
- Distribution of subscription fee among direct and indirect project dependencies
- Configuration based on project configuration (eg: package.json)
- Solves decision paralysis and mechanics of paying
- Even distribution of subscription amount among direct dependencies
- Automatic sharing of allocation with indirect dependencies

What is StackAid pricing?

StackAid's pricing for its GitHub application is free.

Integrate StackAid in Slack with Axolo

Integrating StackAid in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily donate to the open source software projects they depend on while reviewing code. With StackAid, engineers can subscribe to donate a monthly subscription fee that is automatically distributed among their project's direct and indirect dependencies. This helps to support the open source community and ensure the sustainability of the software projects that are relied upon.

Learn more about StackAid on the GitHub marketplace.

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