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What is Stacks Project Manager about?

Stacks is an all-in-one productivity tool that helps individuals and teams optimize their workflows, track time, and improve productivity. With a user-friendly interface and most of Trello's premium features, Stacks allows users to easily manage their tasks and projects. Unlike Trello, Stacks gives users the flexibility to store their data on either their local folders or their preferred cloud service, ensuring the safety and security of their data.

Stacks also offers users the ability to anticipate the required time to complete tasks, giving them more time to achieve their goals instead of spending time planning how to do it. Currently, Stacks is designed for personal projects, but a collaboration feature is in the works for the near future.

Users can download Stacks for free and use up to three projects or purchase a one-time professional license for $49 to unlock unlimited projects and all premium features. With Stacks, users can streamline their workflow, manage their projects efficiently, and boost their productivity.

What are Stacks Project Manager features and benefits?

- All-in-one productivity tool
- Gorgeous interface
- Most of Trello's premium features
- Control over where to store data
- Easy and friendly interface
- Workflow management
- Time tracking
- Productivity optimization
- Anticipate required time for tasks
- Free download with up to 3 projects
- One-time professional license for unlimited projects and premium features

What is Stacks Project Manager pricing?

The pricing for Stacks - Project Manager's basic plan is free, costing $0.

Integrate Stacks Project Manager in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Stacks - Project Manager in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for seamless collaboration and task management. With Stacks, teams can easily track time, optimize productivity, and manage workflows, while Axolo streamlines code review and communication. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for project management and development.

Learn more about Stacks Project Manager on the GitHub marketplace.

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