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What is Stacksciences about?

StackSciences Kubewatch is a cloud-based platform that offers real-time security-oriented visibility for your containers and clusters. It provides non-intrusive security monitoring throughout your DevOps cycle, without changing your CI/CD. With StackSciences Kubewatch, you can analyze every event in your workflow and receive immediate alerts when a container or cluster presents a vulnerability or exposes resources that should not be exposed. This allows you to prioritize your next actions and reduce your attack surface quickly and effectively.

StackSciences Kubewatch is the only solution that combines the SaaS approach and On Premise, making it the perfect choice for businesses that require security monitoring for native cloud applications. It offers security engines designed by StackSciences that analyze your infrastructures and help you identify potential vulnerabilities.

Both DevOps and security teams can benefit from StackSciences Kubewatch, as it provides them with a clear role and actionable steps to take. By continuously monitoring your images and clusters, StackSciences Kubewatch helps you bring continuous improvement to your security measures. Overall, StackSciences Kubewatch is an essential tool for businesses that want to infuse security throughout their DevOps cycle and reduce their attack surface.

What are Stacksciences features and benefits?

- Continuous security assessment for containers and clusters
- Real-time security-oriented visibility
- Analysis of each event in the workflow
- Immediate alerts for vulnerabilities and exposed resources
- Non-intrusive security for native cloud applications
- Monitoring of each step for continuous improvement
- Image and cluster change monitoring
- Infrastructures analyzed with StackSciences security engines
- Prioritization of next actions
- Progress measurement without intrusion into digital factory
- Role and actions for both DevOps and security teams

What is Stacksciences pricing?

The pricing for Stacksciences's Free plan is $0.

Integrate Stacksciences in Slack with Axolo

Integrating StackSciences with Axolo in Slack can provide real-time security-oriented visibility for each event in the workflow, allowing immediate alerts for vulnerabilities or exposed resources. This can help DevOps and security teams prioritize their next actions and reduce the attack surface without intrusion into the digital factory.

Learn more about Stacksciences on the GitHub marketplace.

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