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What is Sturdy Devtools about?

Sturdy Devtools is a real-time code collaboration platform that simplifies version control and streamlines the development process. It enables developers to interact with their code at a higher abstraction level, eliminating the need for creating branches, staging and committing files, pushing, and merging. With Sturdy, developers can easily ship their code to production, focusing on solving problems rather than manipulating Git data structures.

Sturdy also supports continuous feedback, allowing developers to try each other's code on their machines and give suggestions by editing the code in their IDE. It is built around trunk-based development and continuous delivery, optimizing for integration frequency and making shipping small incremental changes the intuitive default.

The Sturdy GitHub app allows developers to use GitHub and Sturdy simultaneously, enabling seamless interoperation between the two platforms. This integration further simplifies the development process, making it easier for teams to collaborate and ship code faster.

In summary, Sturdy Devtools is a powerful tool for developers who want to streamline their development process, simplify version control, and collaborate more effectively with their team.

What are Sturdy Devtools features and benefits?

List of Sturdy Devtools features:
- Real-time code collaboration
- Open-source version control platform
- Higher abstraction level for code interaction
- Shipping code to production without creating branches, staging and committing files, pushing, and merging
- Trying each other's code
- Shipping small, incremental changes
- Mapping developer intent to concrete actions
- Focusing on code and problem-solving instead of manipulating Git data structures
- Continuous feedback instead of formal code reviews
- Trying teammates' code on your machine
- Giving code suggestions by editing code in your IDE
- Built around trunk-based development and continuous delivery
- Optimizing for integration frequency
- Making shipping small incremental changes the intuitive default
- GitHub integration with Sturdy Devtools

What is Sturdy Devtools pricing?

The pricing for Sturdy Devtools is free, meaning it costs $0.

Integrate Sturdy Devtools in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Sturdy Devtools in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for real-time code collaboration and continuous feedback, which can help improve code quality and increase efficiency in the code review process.

Learn more about Sturdy Devtools on the GitHub marketplace.

Sturdy Devtools GitHub integration screenshots

Sturdy desktop app

Sturdy desktop app

Commenting on code in real-time, without pushing or opening a Pull Request
Give and take suggestions directly from your editor or IDE

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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