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What is SupportBee about?

SupportBee is a B2B SaaS application that offers a seamless integration with Github, allowing customer support teams to create Github issues for customer tickets without leaving the ticket screen. This integration is particularly useful for support teams that receive bug reports and feature requests from customers. With SupportBee's Github Integration, support teams can easily create Github issues for these tickets, making it easier to track and manage customer feedback.

One of the key benefits of SupportBee's Github Integration is that it allows support teams to follow up with customers even after the issue has been closed. The Github issue contains a link to the support ticket, making it easy to find and reference later. Additionally, the integration posts a link to the Github issue as a comment on the ticket, making it easy to find and reference the issue within the context of the original support ticket.

SupportBee's Github Integration also offers support for multiple organizations and projects, allowing users to select the organization and project they would like to create an issue in before sending the ticket over to Github. This feature is particularly useful for users who are managing multiple organizations and projects with their Github account. Overall, SupportBee's Github Integration is a valuable tool for customer support teams looking to streamline their workflow and improve their customer feedback

What are SupportBee features and benefits?

List of SupportBee's Github Integration features:
- Create Github issues for support tickets
- Link Github issue to support ticket for follow-up
- Post Github issue link as a comment on support ticket
- Support for multiple organizations and projects in Github account.

What is SupportBee pricing?

SupportBee's pricing for their GitHub application is free for SupportBee customers, and it costs $0.

Integrate SupportBee in Slack with Axolo

Integrating SupportBee in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to quickly create Github issues for bug reports and feature requests found in customer support tickets without leaving the Slack channel, saving time and improving collaboration between support and engineering teams.

Learn more about SupportBee on the GitHub marketplace.

SupportBee GitHub integration screenshots

Sending a customer support ticket to Github Issues

Sending a customer support ticket to Github Issues

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