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What is Swift Package Registry about?

Swift Package Registry is a powerful GitHub application that allows developers to easily publish and list their Swift Packages. With this tool, developers can easily share their Swift packages with other developers and the community at large. This service offers automatic publishing of packages when releases are published, making the process of sharing packages effortless.

The Swift Package Registry provides a comprehensive list of Swift packages, making it easy for developers to find the packages they need for their projects. This list is updated automatically, ensuring that developers always have access to the latest and greatest packages.

This service is an essential tool for any Swift developer looking to share their code with other developers. With Swift Package Registry, developers can easily publish their packages and make them available to the community, helping to foster collaboration and innovation within the Swift community. Overall, Swift Package Registry is an essential tool for any developer looking to share their Swift packages and collaborate with other developers.

What are Swift Package Registry features and benefits?

- Swift Package Registry
- Publish Swift Packages
- List Swift Packages
- Automatic publishing of releases

What is Swift Package Registry pricing?

The pricing for Swift Package Registry is Free Forever with a cost of $0.

Integrate Swift Package Registry in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Swift Package Registry in Slack with Axolo helps engineers easily access and review code packages, as well as stay informed about any updates or changes made to the packages. With automatic publishing when releases are published, engineers can quickly and efficiently find and utilize the packages they need, ultimately saving time and improving productivity.

Learn more about Swift Package Registry on the GitHub marketplace.

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Swift Package Registry

Swift Package Registry

Alamofire on Swift Package Registry

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