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What is Templater about?

Templater is a GitHub application that helps maintain consistency and completeness of Pull Requests and Issues by requesting more information from newly opened ones that contain default titles, empty descriptions, or templates that are not followed. It is built with Probot and uses data from a .github/config.yml file to enforce rules and provide feedback to users.

To use Templater, the bot needs to be installed on the intended repositories and requires certain permissions and events such as Pull requests: Read & Write, Issues: Read & Write, and Content: Read. Users also need to add a .github/config.yml file that contains the configuration for Templater, which includes a reply comment that requests more information, default titles that should be avoided, and an optional label to be added to Issues and Pull Requests that need more information.

Overall, Templater helps streamline the process of reviewing Pull Requests and Issues by ensuring that they contain all the necessary information and follow the required templates. This can save time and improve the quality of communication and collaboration among team members.

What are Templater features and benefits?

List of Templater features:
1. Requests more info from newly opened Pull Requests and Issues
2. Takes data from a .github/config.yml
3. Requires Pull requests: Read & Write, Issues: Read & Write, Content: Read permissions and events
4. Adds a .github/config.yml file
5. Sends a reply comment requesting more info
6. Provides default titles for issues and pull requests
7. Adds a label to issues and pull requests with insufficient information given.

What is Templater pricing?

The pricing for the free version of Templater is $0.

Integrate Templater in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Templater in Slack with Axolo can help streamline code review by automatically requesting more information from newly opened Pull Requests and Issues. This can ensure that all necessary information is provided upfront, making the code review process more efficient and effective.

Learn more about Templater on the GitHub marketplace.

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