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What is TestRecall about?

TestRecall is a powerful GitHub application that provides analytics for your tests. It helps engineering teams to dive deeper into their testing strategy and accelerate velocity with reports on testing trends. By aggregating historical test data into easy-to-understand insights and reports, TestRecall provides objective data that helps teams make better decisions and achieve more success.

Managing large test suites can be overwhelming, but TestRecall eliminates guesswork and disruptions by providing a single view of your tests. It helps identify bottlenecks, compare trends, and keep a pulse on the health of your software teams.

With TestRecall, you can find trends and better understand your software testing trends. It adds a layer of objective data to your project, so you can measure stability and track the impact of new features or CI/CD tools. What gets measured gets managed, and TestRecall helps you answer important questions about your testing strategy.

In summary, TestRecall is a valuable tool for any engineering team that wants to optimize their testing strategy, improve their velocity, and gain valuable insights from their test suites.

What are TestRecall features and benefits?

- Analytics for your tests
- Reports on testing trends
- Easy-to-understand insights and reports
- Debugging development processes with objective data
- Identifying bottlenecks and comparing trends
- Keeping a pulse on the health of software teams
- Managing large test suites
- Providing a single view of tests
- Finding trends
- Adding a layer of objective data to projects
- Understanding software testing trends
- Measuring stability over time
- Answering questions about the impact of new features and CI/CD tooling with TestRecall.

What is TestRecall pricing?

The pricing for TestRecall's Basic plan is $0.

Integrate TestRecall in Slack with Axolo

Integrating TestRecall in Slack with Axolo can help engineering teams draw insights from their test suites and make more informed decisions about code review. TestRecall provides objective data on testing trends, allowing teams to identify bottlenecks and measure the impact of new features or tools. By integrating TestRecall with Axolo, teams can access this data directly within their code review workflow, improving their ability to make informed decisions and streamline their development processes.

Learn more about TestRecall on the GitHub marketplace.

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