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What is Trakr about?

Trakr is a powerful visual testing tool that helps developers identify any visual defects in their websites or web applications. It integrates seamlessly with the GitHub pull request (PR) workflow, allowing developers to run visual comparison tests as part of their PR process. Trakr is agnostic of the continuous integration (CI) system, which means it can work without pull request builds. With Trakr, developers can set up one or more environments for their website or web-app and create visual comparison tests between them. The tool also offers a REST API that can be leveraged to integrate with customized workflows. Trakr enables collaboration and sharing by allowing users to create annotations on comparison tests, share screenshots, and testing reports with relevant stakeholders. Finally, Trakr offers notifications in Slack channels or via email when visual changes are detected on the website, ensuring that developers are always aware of any issues that may arise. Overall, Trakr is an essential tool for any developer who wants to ensure that their website or web application is visually flawless.

What are Trakr features and benefits?

- Visual testing as part of GitHub pull request workflow
- Check for visual defects of website or web apps
- Works without pull request builds
- Set up one or more environments for visual comparison tests
- Leverage rest API to integrate with customized workflow
- Create annotations on comparison tests
- Share screenshots and testing reports with stakeholders
- Receive notifications in SLACK channel or via email when visual changes are detected on website.

What is Trakr pricing?

Trakr's pricing for free use is $0.

Integrate Trakr in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Trakr in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for receiving notifications in Slack when visual changes are detected on your website, making it easier for the right person to act on the code review.

Learn more about Trakr on the GitHub marketplace.

Trakr GitHub integration screenshots

You can add multiple repositories as projects in Trakr

You can add multiple repositories as projects in Trakr

Visual testing will be run on every pull request and subsequent commits in the pull request
You can check details of the visual test in GitHub
Detailed testing report can be viewed in Trakr

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