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What is Truegit App about?

Truegit App is a unique publishing platform that allows users to create and publish blog posts using their Github repository. It is a Markdown flavor blogging platform that supports Github flavored markdown, making it easy for users to write posts in their favorite editor. With Truegit App, users can manage their content in a Git repository, allowing them to version control their blog and make pull requests to preview changes before pushing them to the main branch for the changes to go live.

One of the most exciting features of Truegit App is its fully managed custom domain, which allows users to personalize their blog by picking their logo, banner, and more. Additionally, Truegit App is a collaborative publishing platform that enables users to suggest edits to posts directly on the blog, creating a PR that can be merged to the master branch to publish.

Truegit App is a fully managed platform, so users do not need to manage servers. All they have to do is add a truegit.yaml configuration file to their repository, install the TrueGit app, and their blog is live. Overall, Truegit App is an excellent option for bloggers who want a simple, yet powerful platform to publish their content.

What are Truegit App features and benefits?

List of TrueGit App Features:
1. Markdown flavor blogging platform
2. Publish markdown files directly from Github repository
3. Github collaboration features like Pull Requests to publish content
4. Write posts in markdown format
5. Version control content in a git repository
6. Make PR to preview changes to blog
7. Push to main branch for changes to go live
8. Fully managed custom domain
9. Branding options (logo, banner, etc.)
10. Collaborative publishing
11. Fully managed (no need to manage servers)
12. Easy setup with truegit.yaml configuration file.

What is Truegit App pricing?

The pricing for Truegit App is free to use, with a cost of $0.

Integrate Truegit App in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Truegit App in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily collaborate on code reviews and blog post edits in one platform, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Learn more about Truegit App on the GitHub marketplace.

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