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What is WIP about?

WIP is a GitHub application designed to help authors of pull requests set a status to "pending" while still working on it. This is accomplished by detecting specific terms in the title, such as "work in progress" or "wip," and automatically setting the status to "pending." The app is open source and serves as a reference implementation for other integrators.

WIP offers a pro plan that allows users to configure the specific terms and locations that the app looks for. All revenue generated from the pro plan is donated to Processing | p5.js, one of the most diverse and impactful Open Source communities out there.

By using WIP, authors of pull requests can easily communicate the status of their work and avoid confusion among team members. Additionally, the app's open-source nature and dedication to supporting other integrators make it a valuable resource for the GitHub community. Don't forget to subscribe to the app updates to stay up-to-date on new features and improvements.

What are WIP features and benefits?

- Allows authors of pull requests to set status to pending while still working on it
- Sets a pull request status to pending if it finds "wip" or "work in progress" in the title
- Pro plan allows for configuration of terms and locations
- All revenue is donated to Processing | p5.js
- Open source and meant as a reference implementation
- Subscription to app updates recommended

What is WIP pricing?

WIP's pricing includes a free plan that blocks pull requests with "WIP" in title, a Pro plan with a free trial that costs $1 per month, and an Enterprise plan with a free trial that costs $10 per month for teams of 10 and more.

Integrate WIP in Slack with Axolo

Integrating WIP in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for faster code review by opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review, while also allowing authors to set a status of "pending" with the WIP app, indicating that they are still working on the pull request.

Learn more about WIP on the GitHub marketplace.

WIP GitHub integration screenshots

Add/remove WIP in the pull request title to update the status

Add/remove WIP in the pull request title to update the status

They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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