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What is WakaTime about?

WakaTime is a productivity and time tracking tool designed specifically for developers. It is an open-source plugin that can be installed on your editor to automatically generate metrics, insights, and time tracking data from your programming activity. With WakaTime, you can write code as you normally do, and the tool will automatically detect your projects and provide you with a personal or team dashboard that displays useful information about your programming activity.

One of the key features of WakaTime is its fully-automatic project detection, which means that you don't have to manually set up your projects or track your time. The tool also provides a language usage breakdown, which shows you how much time you spend on each programming language, and private leaderboards, which allow you to compete with your team members or colleagues.

In addition, WakaTime provides commit stats, which give you a detailed overview of your code changes over time, and embeddable SVG charts, which allow you to share your productivity metrics with others. Overall, WakaTime is a powerful tool that can help developers improve their productivity, track their time, and gain valuable insights into their programming activity.

What are WakaTime features and benefits?

- Fully-automatic project detection
- Language usage breakdown
- Private Leaderboards
- Commit stats
- Embeddable SVG charts

What is WakaTime pricing?

Basic: Free for both open source and private repos.
Premium: $12/month.
Team: $18 per dev/month.
Business: $49 per seat/month.

Integrate WakaTime in Slack with Axolo

Integrating WakaTime in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to track their programming activity and get insights on their productivity directly within the same platform they use for code review. This integration can help engineers identify areas where they can improve their coding efficiency and make better use of their time, ultimately leading to faster code review and better overall performance.

Learn more about WakaTime on the GitHub marketplace.

WakaTime GitHub integration screenshots

Personal Dashboard

Personal Dashboard

Private Leaderboards
Language Usage Stats
Commit metrics

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