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What is Watnwy about?

Watnwy is a powerful GitHub application that helps organizations manage their tech stack more efficiently. With Watnwy, you can easily track the HEAD of your main branch, scan your codebase, and automatically feed your tech radar with the technologies you are using. This helps you reduce tech fragmentation, drive and follow your migrations, and experiment with new technologies.

One of the most useful features of Watnwy is its ability to warn users of "on hold" technologies and force them to migrate after some time. This ensures that your organization is always using the latest and most secure technologies, and prevents you from getting stuck with outdated or unsupported technologies.

Watnwy also includes a rule called tech-radar-consistency that runs on every commit to check that no object with the status "hold" is being used. This helps prevent users from starting to use "on hold" technologies in the first place.

Finally, Watnwy provides a global usage view with its version-context matrix widget. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are being used across your organization based on versions and contexts. With Watnwy, you'll never have to assess the same new fancy technology twice again.

What are Watnwy features and benefits?

- Automatic codebase tracking and feeding to tech radar
- Detection and warning of "on hold" technologies
- Prevention of usage of "on hold" technologies
- Global usage view with version-context matrix widget
- Avoidance of reassessing new technologies multiple times

What is Watnwy pricing?

The pricing for Watnwy at the moment is $0 as they are focusing on gaining early adopters and feedback.

Integrate Watnwy in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Watnwy in Slack with Axolo can help engineers to keep track of their tech radar and ensure consistency in their codebase while reviewing code faster.

Learn more about Watnwy on the GitHub marketplace.

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