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What is What The Diff about?

What The Diff is an AI-powered GitHub application that simplifies the process of reviewing pull requests. It automatically generates a summary of the changes in a pull request, even when commit messages are vague or non-descriptive. This feature saves time and effort for developers and their teams, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. What The Diff is also designed to support nearly all programming languages, thanks to its extensive training on a large dataset of code.

With What The Diff, you no longer need to analyze pull requests manually. The application will provide you with a summary of all changes in plain English, making it easier for non-technical team members to understand the changes introduced by a pull request. Additionally, What The Diff understands the context of your changes, enabling it to explain not just what happened, but also why. This feature is particularly useful when trying to understand "wip" commits or "fixes" in the pull request title.

To start using What The Diff, simply install the GitHub app for free and try it out on one of your repositories. With What The Diff, you can save countless hours and streamline your pull request review process.

What are What The Diff features and benefits?

- AI-powered pull request summarization
- Automatic summary generation even for non-descriptive commit messages
- Saves time for the team
- Enables non-technical people to understand pull request changes
- Instant pull request review
- Summary of all changes in plain English
- Supports nearly all programming languages
- Free installation on GitHub
- Saves hours of time
- Understands the context of changes
- Helps understand the "what" and "why" of changes
- Free account creation

What is What The Diff pricing?

The pricing for What The Diff's free plan is $0.

Integrate What The Diff in Slack with Axolo

Integrating What The Diff in Slack with Axolo is beneficial as it allows engineers to receive an AI-powered summary of the changes in a pull request in plain English, saving them countless hours and allowing non-technical team members to understand which changes a pull request introduces. This feature helps engineers to review code faster and more efficiently, making the code review process seamless and effective.

Learn more about What The Diff on the GitHub marketplace.

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