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What is Workflow Reporter about?

Workflow Reporter is a GitHub application that helps automate the process of reporting failed workflow job actions. This app notifies the pull request creator with a custom report message from the configuration file located at .github/workflow-reporter.yml. To use this app, it must first be installed in the intended repositories, and the plugin requires specific permissions and events, including Pull requests: Read & Write, Issues: Read & Write, and Content: Read. Once installed, a .github/workflow-reporter.yml file must be added that contains a custom report message for each workflow's job steps. The app will then start reporting whenever a workflow job step fails, tagging the pull request creator and notifying them of all the necessary details about the job failure. This app is an excellent tool for developers who want to streamline their workflow and ensure that they are notified promptly of any issues that may arise. With Workflow Reporter, developers can save time and focus on more critical tasks, knowing that they will be alerted to any problems as soon as they occur.

What are Workflow Reporter features and benefits?

List of Workflow Reporter features:
1. Reports failed workflow job actions
2. Notifies pull request creator with custom report message
3. Uses configuration file located at .github/workflow-reporter.yml
4. Requires Pull requests: Read & Write permissions and events
5. Requires Issues: Read & Write permissions and events
6. Requires Content: Read permission and events
7. Requires installation in intended repositories
8. Allows customization of report message for each workflow's job steps
9. Provides template for configuration file at divshekhar/workflow-reporter
10. Automatically starts reporting when app is installed with proper configuration file
11. Tags pull request creator and notifies with necessary details about job failure.

What is Workflow Reporter pricing?

The pricing for Workflow Reporter's Free version is $0.

Integrate Workflow Reporter in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Workflow Reporter in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to receive notifications about failed workflow job actions and custom report messages directly in Slack, making it easier for them to collaborate and resolve issues quickly.

Learn more about Workflow Reporter on the GitHub marketplace.

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