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What is Zenhub about?

ZenHub is a project management tool that integrates seamlessly within the GitHub interface, providing developers with a familiar environment to work in while giving project managers complete visibility into the development process. With ZenHub, dev teams can easily visualize issues and track dependencies, plan sprints and epics, and generate actionable reports to improve processes and measure the value delivered to end-users.

ZenHub's Multi-Repo Task Boards allow dev teams to track and provide transparency into their development process using existing GitHub data, with the ability to drag and drop issues between pipelines, filter by labels, assign issues, view issues linked with pull requests, visualize blockers with issue dependencies, and more.

With the ability to create epics to group multiple GitHub issues together for better planning and tracking, and using GitHub milestones to create sprints and track progress, ZenHub helps dev teams stay on track and meet their goals.

ZenHub's actionable reports, including release reports, velocity tracking, and burndowns, provide insights into team pace and efficiency, detect trends to improve processes, and measure the value delivered to end-users.

Overall, ZenHub is a powerful browser extension trusted by companies like NASA, Microsoft, Adobe, Comcast, Docker, VMware, and Leap Motion to help them ship better software, while

What are Zenhub features and benefits?

- Native integration with GitHub
- No lengthy onboarding or configuration headaches
- Total visibility into development process for Project Managers
- Multi-Repo Task Boards for tracking and transparency
- Drag and drop Issues between pipelines
- Filter by labels and assign Issues
- View Issues linked with Pull Requests
- Visualize blockers with Issue dependencies
- Epics for grouping multiple GitHub Issues
- Use GitHub Milestones to create sprints
- Add story points to track progress
- Release Reports, Velocity Tracking, and Burndowns for actionable reports
- Determine team pace and efficiency
- Detect trends to improve processes
- Measure value delivered to end-users.

What is Zenhub pricing?

Free for open source project leaders and academic course instructors.

Integrate Zenhub in Slack with Axolo

Learn more about Zenhub on the GitHub marketplace.

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