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What is Zube about?

Zube is an Agile project management tool designed to help teams seamlessly work with GitHub Issues. With Zube, users can organize their issues on a kanban board or sprint board, manage private cards alongside public GitHub Issues, and simultaneously manage issues across multiple repositories. The platform is ideal for non-developers without GitHub access who need to work with developers.

Zube provides a real-time, two-way integration with GitHub Issues, ensuring that all information is kept in sync. The platform offers a beautiful and blazing-fast interface that provides a clear overview of projects and advanced filtering options. Agile Epics help teams accomplish larger goals, while Scrum-style Sprints keep teams focused and accountable. Customer Support Tickets ensure that critical issues are resolved promptly.

Zube is the source of truth, eliminating the need to copy and paste developer tasks. Users can seamlessly work between Zube and GitHub, attaching a GitHub repository to their Zube project to ensure that data is always up to date. The platform offers powerful analytics, including Burndown, Burnup, and Velocity charts that show progress and throughput charts that provide insight into what's getting done.

What are Zube features and benefits?

- Real-time two-way integration with GitHub Issues
- Kanban board or sprint board organization of issues
- Non-developers without GitHub access can work with developers
- Simultaneous management of issues across multiple repos
- Management of private cards alongside public GitHub Issues
- Agile project management with a beautiful and fast interface
- Kanban board provides an Agile workflow out of the box
- Advanced filtering for clear project overview or closer look
- Agile Epics for larger goals
- Scrum-style Sprints for team focus and accountability
- Customer Support Tickets for prompt issue resolution
- Source of truth for developer tasks
- Seamless work between Zube and GitHub
- Collaboration on developer tasks for everyone, even non-developers
- Powerful analytics for product shipping insights
- Burndown, Burnup, and Velocity charts for progress tracking
- Throughput charts for insight into completed work.

What is Zube pricing?

Zube's pricing tiers are as follows:

- Free: Up to 4 Users $0
- Micro: Up to 10 Users $100 / month
- Startup: Up to 25 Users $250 / month
- Small Business: Up to 50 Users $500 / month
- Growing Business: Up to 100 Users $1,000 / month
- Large Business: Up to 200 Users $2,000 / month

Integrate Zube in Slack with Axolo

Integrating Zube in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for real-time two-way integration with GitHub Issues, enabling seamless organization of Issues on a Kanban or Sprint board, simultaneous management of Issues across multiple repos, and Agile project management with a beautiful and blazing fast interface. Additionally, non-developers without GitHub access can easily work with developers, and private cards can be managed alongside public GitHub Issues, making it ideal for OSS dev. The powerful analytics provided by Zube also give insight into progress, throughput, and when the product will ship.

Learn more about Zube on the GitHub marketplace.

Zube GitHub integration screenshots

A beautiful and blazing fast kanban board gives you an Agile workflow out of the box.

A beautiful and blazing fast kanban board gives you an Agile workflow out of the box.

An outstanding GitHub Issues integration lets you fully manage your GitHub Issues data from Zube.
Epics automatically track progress on their associated cards.
Powerful analytics let you dig into your data, even if the work is being done on GitHub.

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