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What is abaplint about? is a GitHub application that provides quality checks and static analysis for the ABAP programming language. It automatically runs quality checks and static analysis for each change and pull request in the repository. The application works with SAP ABAP code serialized using abapGit.

With abaplint, developers can easily see issues found in their code. The application will be triggered for each change, and report results back via the Status and Checks API. This allows developers to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise in their ABAP code.

The pricing for abaplint is flexible and based on the number of repositories and active users in an organization. For example, if an organization has 1000 users and 20 repositories containing ABAP code, and there are 10 active ABAP developers pushing changes to the repositories, then there are 10 active users for this organization. Note that all users from the organization with read access to the repositories will have access to the ABAP statistics.

Overall, is a valuable tool for organizations using ABAP programming language, as it provides automated quality checks and static analysis to ensure high-quality code and streamline the development process.

What are abaplint features and benefits?

List of abaplint features:
- Quality checks for ABAP programming language
- Static analysis for ABAP code serialized using abapGit
- Automatic quality checks for each change and pull request in the repository
- Reports results back via the Status and Checks API
- Allows developers to easily see issues found
- Access granted to specific repositories
- All users with read access to repositories have access to ABAP statistics.

What is abaplint pricing?

Public Repositories: $0
Private Repositories: $19 per active user / month

Integrate abaplint in Slack with Axolo

Integrating abaplint in Slack with Axolo can help engineers review code faster and more efficiently. With abaplint automatically running quality checks and static analysis for each change and pull request in the repository, developers can easily see any issues found via the Status and Checks API. By opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review, Axolo ensures that the code review process is streamlined and effective. This integration can ultimately lead to higher-quality code and faster development cycles.

Learn more about abaplint on the GitHub marketplace.

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