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What is agba-merger about?

Agba-merger is a GitHub application that automates the process of merging pull requests on a scheduled date. With this bot, you can schedule the merging of any pull request in your projects, including articles or any other feature that you want to be published at a later date. By tagging the bot with the desired date in the format yyyy-mm-dd, you can ensure that your pull request will be merged on the specified date. This feature is especially useful for teams that need to coordinate their work in advance and want to ensure that their pull requests are merged on time, without the need for manual intervention. With Agba-merger, you can streamline your workflow and reduce the risk of delays or errors in the merging process. Overall, Agba-merger is a powerful tool for any team that wants to automate their GitHub workflow and improve their productivity.

What are agba-merger features and benefits?

- Automated workflow for merging pull requests
- Scheduled merging of pull requests
- Ability to tag the bot to specify a future merge date
- Date format for future merges: yyyy-mm-dd

What is agba-merger pricing?

The pricing for agba-merger's GitHub application is free for all, with a $0 cost.

Integrate agba-merger in Slack with Axolo

Integrating agba-merger in Slack with Axolo can benefit engineers by allowing them to schedule pull request merges directly within their Slack workspace, streamlining the code review and merge process and increasing efficiency.

Learn more about agba-merger on the GitHub marketplace.

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