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What is boss-bounty about?

Boss-bounty is a GitHub application that allows users to create and earn bounties for open source development. With Boss-bounty, users can attach bounties to GitHub issues without leaving the issue, making the process seamless and easy to use. The app integrates with, allowing users to create and manage their bounties directly from GitHub.

Boss-bounty was designed with maintainer UX and ease of use as top priorities. The up-to-date bounty status is displayed inside the GitHub issue, making it easy for contributors to see the current status of the bounty and contribute accordingly. Maintainers and contributors can ask for a certain amount of money in order to close the issue, and users can pool their money until the bounty is reached.

The app supports 33 international currencies, and currency conversion is automatic. When an issue is closed by a commit or PR, all bounties are automatically paid out to the contributors, with the funds transferred directly to their bank accounts. Boss-bounty is a great way to incentivize open source development and reward contributors for their hard work.

What are boss-bounty features and benefits?

List of Boss-Bounty Application Features:
1. Integration with GitHub issues
2. Attach bounties to GitHub issues
3. Money transfer automatically when the issue is closed
4. Maintainer UX and ease of use
5. Up-to-date bounty status displayed inside the GitHub issue
6. Users can contribute to the bounty
7. Request a certain amount of money to close the issue
8. Users can pool their money
9. Bounties are automatically paid when the issue is closed
10. Earned bounties are automatically transferred to a bank account
11. Create bounties in 33 international currencies
12. Currency conversion is automatic
13. Earn bounties from 23 countries.

What is boss-bounty pricing?

The pricing for boss-bounty's GitHub application installation is free, with a cost of $0 on any and all repositories.

Integrate boss-bounty in Slack with Axolo

Integrating boss-bounty in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for seamless collaboration between team members in reviewing code and incentivizes contributors with bounties for open source development.

Learn more about boss-bounty on the GitHub marketplace.

boss-bounty GitHub integration screenshots

Example boss bounties in GitHub Issue

Example boss bounties in GitHub Issue

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