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What is butterb0t about?

Butterb0t is a GitHub application that helps automate the process of appending feature branch environment URLs in every pull request. This tool is designed to save time and increase productivity for QA testers, Product Managers, Designers, and Engineers. With Butterb0t, you no longer have to copy-paste the URL link continuously on Slack or other communication platforms. Instead, Butterb0t will comment on every pull request, providing the necessary link for easy access.

Butterb0t is incredibly easy to set up. All you need to do is create a config file by executing a command from the root folder of your repository and write your configurations, including the domains you want to append to your pull requests. Butterb0t supports multiple domains, making it versatile and adaptable to your specific needs.

Overall, Butterb0t is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to automate their workflow and save time. Whether you're a busy QA tester, Product Manager, Designer, or Engineer, Butterb0t can help simplify your work and make your life easier.

What are butterb0t features and benefits?

List of butterb0t features:
1. Automatically comments on every Pull Request with the feature branch environment URL.
2. Helps in avoiding the hassle of copy-pasting the link multiple times on Slack.
3. Acts as a QA tester, Product Managers, Designer, and Engineers' best friend.
4. Can be set up easily by creating a config file and writing the configurations.
5. Supports multiple domains and URLs, such as Staging and Storybook.

What is butterb0t pricing?

Integrate butterb0t in Slack with Axolo

Integrating butterb0t in Slack with Axolo can save time and effort by automatically appending the feature branch environment URL in every pull request, making it easier for QA testers, product managers, designers, and engineers to access and review the code.

Learn more about butterb0t on the GitHub marketplace.

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