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What is cla bot CLA automation about?

CLA-bot is a powerful GitHub application designed for the automation of Contributor License Agreements (CLAs). Its main function is to check whether contributors have signed an agreement and add labels to PRs if they have, or prompt for signature if they have not. This ensures that only authorized contributors can make changes to a project, and helps to protect the intellectual property of the project.

One of the key features of CLA-bot is its ability to easily integrate with projects or entire organizations via a GitHub App. It automatically checks every pull request and every commit, ensuring that all contributors have signed the necessary agreements before contributing to the project. The approved contributor list can be maintained in various ways including JSON files or a webhook, making it easy to manage and update.

CLA-bot also provides a fully-hosted solution, which means that you don't have to maintain your own bot installation. It uses labels and status checks to make the process visible, providing a clear and transparent workflow for all contributors. Additionally, you can provide templates for the various messages this bot posts, making it easy to customize the experience for your team.

Overall, CLA-bot is an essential tool for any organization that wants to ensure the protection of their intellectual property and maintain control over who is contributing to their projects

What are cla bot CLA automation features and benefits?

- Integration with projects or entire organizations via a GitHub App
- Automatic checking of every pull request and commit
- Re-checking of pull requests on each push
- Maintenance of approved contributor list via JSON files or webhook
- Triggering of re-check for pull request via comment
- Use of labels and status checks for visibility
- Fully-hosted solution, no need to maintain own bot installation
- Provision of templates for various messages posted by bot

What is cla bot CLA automation pricing?

The pricing for cla-bot is free, with no cost for anyone to use.

Integrate cla bot CLA automation in Slack with Axolo

Integrating cla-bot with Axolo in Slack can help streamline the code review process by automatically checking whether contributors have signed a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and adding labels to pull requests accordingly. This ensures that all contributors have agreed to the necessary terms before their code is merged, reducing legal risks and ensuring compliance. Additionally, the use of labels and status checks makes the process more visible and transparent.

Learn more about cla bot CLA automation on the GitHub marketplace.

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