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What is dependabot-auto-merger about?

Dependabot-auto-merger is a GitHub application that automatically merges pull requests created by dependabot, a tool that automates dependency updates in software projects. With this bot, users no longer have to manually merge minor and patch updates, as the bot does it automatically. The bot works without a config file, but users can create a 'dependabot-auto-merger.yml' file in their .github folder to customize the bot's behavior. The file allows users to set options such as merge level, merge strategy, skip CI, delete branch, commit title, commit message, and skip check runs. By default, the bot merges minor updates, uses the squash merge strategy, does not skip CI, deletes the branch after merging, and adds an auto-merge dependabot PR commit title and message. Overall, Dependabot-auto-merger simplifies the dependency update process by automating the pull request merging step, saving users time and effort.

What are dependabot-auto-merger features and benefits?

- Automatically merges pull requests created by dependabot
- Works without a config file
- Customizable behavior with a 'dependabot-auto-merger.yml' file
- Version 1
- Auto-merge settings include:
- Merge level: "minor"
- Merge strategy: "squash"
- Skip CI: false
- Delete branch: true
- Commit title: Auto-merge dependabot PR
- Commit message: Auto-merge dependabot PR by @dependabot-auto-merge
- Skip check runs: false

What is dependabot-auto-merger pricing?

Free for all Free plan for everyone $0.

Integrate dependabot-auto-merger in Slack with Axolo

Integrating dependabot-auto-merger in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it automates the process of merging pull requests created by dependabot, saving time and effort for engineers.

Learn more about dependabot-auto-merger on the GitHub marketplace.

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