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What is issit-app about?

Issit is a GitHub application designed to convert valuable conversational ideas into actionable items by turning Slack conversations into GitHub issues that can be easily tracked and managed. With Issit, users can create GitHub issues directly from Slack messages, complete with labels and project assignments. Once the issue is created, Issit notifies the Slack thread of the creation details.

Issit also offers GitHub authentication, allowing users to authenticate their GitHub accounts from the Slack App home screen. The app also allows users to link Slack channels to specific GitHub repositories using the "issit add org/repo" command, and remove the link using the "issit rm org/repo" command. Users can also view a list of linked repositories using the "issit list" command.

Overall, Issit streamlines the process of converting valuable ideas and conversations into actionable items by integrating Slack and GitHub, making it easier for teams to stay organized and on top of their projects.

What are issit-app features and benefits?

- Slackのメッセージショートカットから指定したGitHubリポジトリの Issue を作成できる
- ラベルをつけたり、Projectに追加したりすることが可能
- 作成が完了すると、Slackのスレッドに作成内容をお知らせしてくれる
- GitHub認証
- リポジトリの設定
- issit add org/repo コマンドで、レポジトリとの紐付けを登録
- /issit rm org/repo コマンドで、レポジトリとの紐付けを解除
- /issit list コマンドで、レポジトリとの紐付け一覧を確認
- 対象リポジトリの選択
- Issueタイトルの設定
- Issue本文の設定
- ラベル選択
- Project選択

What is issit-app pricing?

The pricing for issit-app is free, with a cost of $0.

Integrate issit-app in Slack with Axolo

Integrating issit-app in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows engineers to easily create GitHub issues from Slack conversations, ensuring that valuable ideas and information are not lost. Axolo's ephemeral channels for pull requests also ensure that the right person is invited to act on the code review, improving the efficiency of the code review process.

Learn more about issit-app on the GitHub marketplace.

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They are merging pull requests with us everyday

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