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What is lettranslateSync about?

LettranslateSync is a powerful localization tool designed to help businesses manage translations of their apps, websites, games, and other products easily in one place. With its user-friendly interface, lettranslateSync allows you to streamline the localization process and save time and money. The GitHub integration feature is particularly useful, as it enables you to automatically pull all of your translations directly into files in your GitHub repos without the need to manually download translation files. This feature ensures that your translations are always up-to-date and consistent across all platforms.

Currently in beta, lettranslateSync is constantly improving and adding more features to its platform. The roadmap includes collaboration with teams, more formats (currently only .json), and image references. With these additional features, lettranslateSync will become an even more powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their global reach and improve their user experience. If you're looking for a reliable localization tool that can help you manage translations easily and efficiently, lettranslateSync is definitely worth checking out.

What are lettranslateSync features and benefits?

- Free localization tool
- Manage translations of apps, websites, games or other products easily in one place
- GitHub integration to automatically pull translations directly into files in GitHub repos
- No need to manually download translation files
- Currently in beta with more features to come
- Roadmap includes collaboration with teams
- More formats to be added (currently only .json)
- Image references to be added

What is lettranslateSync pricing?

LettranslateSync's pricing is free for beta users, allowing them to sync translations to GitHub repos for free with a $0 cost.

Integrate lettranslateSync in Slack with Axolo

Integrating lettranslateSync in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for seamless collaboration between teams working on code reviews and localization. With lettranslateSync, translations can be easily managed in one place and automatically pulled into GitHub repos. This saves time and effort, allowing teams to focus on code review and development. Additionally, the upcoming features on lettranslate's roadmap, such as collaboration with teams and more formats, will further enhance the localization process for teams using Axolo.

Learn more about lettranslateSync on the GitHub marketplace.

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lettranslate Dashboard

lettranslate Dashboard

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