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What is revuers about?

Revuers is a B2B SaaS application designed to facilitate peer code review in programming courses. The platform provides a set of tools aimed at improving the quality of code produced by students, while also promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among them.

With Revuers, instructors can easily create and manage code review assignments, assign reviewers, and track progress. Students can submit their code for review, receive feedback from their peers, and learn from their mistakes. The platform also offers features such as code highlighting, commenting, and version control, which make the review process more efficient and effective.

Revuers' main goal is to help programming students improve their coding skills and learn from each other's experiences. By providing a collaborative environment for code review, the platform encourages students to share their knowledge, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback to their peers. This not only benefits the individual student, but also the entire class, as everyone can learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

Overall, Revuers is a powerful tool for programming instructors and students alike, helping them to improve the quality of their code and become better programmers.

What are revuers features and benefits?

1. Collaborative code review
2. Commenting and feedback
3. Integration with GitHub
4. Code highlighting and formatting
5. Version control
6. User management and permissions
7. Automated testing and code analysis
8. Real-time notifications
9. Customizable review criteria
10. Reporting and analytics.

What is revuers pricing?

The pricing for Revuers is free, open for everyone, and costs $0.

Integrate revuers in Slack with Axolo

Integrating revuers in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for faster code reviews by opening an ephemeral channel for each pull request and inviting the right person to act on the code review. Additionally, it streamlines the code review process by providing a peer code review tool for programming courses.

Learn more about revuers on the GitHub marketplace.

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