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What is slashkudos about?

Slashkudos is a GitHub application that helps build team morale by allowing users to give kudos to their teammates directly from issues, pull requests, and discussions. By installing the app on their repository and using the /kudos command, users can give recognition to their colleagues for their contributions. The app keeps track of how many kudos each user has received and displays them on for public repositories. Private repositories are not displayed to avoid sharing private information.

In addition to displaying kudos, Slashkudos plans to add support for connecting users' GitHub accounts to the app, making it easier to see all kudos given in orgs, teams, and private repositories in one place. With Slashkudos, team members can recognize each other's contributions and build a positive team culture.

What are slashkudos features and benefits?

- Give kudos directly from issues, pull requests and discussions
- /kudos command to give kudos
- slashkudos responds with how many total kudos the user has received
- Kudos given on public repositories will be displayed on
- Private kudos will NOT be displayed on
- Plan to add support for connecting GitHub account to to see all kudos given in orgs, teams and private repositories in one place.

What is slashkudos pricing?

The pricing for slashkudos is free for everyone, with a cost of $0.

Integrate slashkudos in Slack with Axolo

Integrating slashkudos in Slack with Axolo can boost team morale and encourage positive feedback by allowing team members to give kudos directly in the ephemeral channel, creating a more collaborative and supportive code review process.

Learn more about slashkudos on the GitHub marketplace.

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