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What is utterances about?

Utterances is an open-source, lightweight comments widget that is built on GitHub issues. It is a free service that doesn't track users or display ads, and it doesn't require any downloads or installations. The service is styled with Primer, the CSS toolkit that powers GitHub, and it is designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

When Utterances loads, it uses the GitHub issue search API to find the issue associated with the page based on the URL, pathname, or title. If it cannot find an issue that matches the page, the utterances-bot will automatically create an issue the first time someone comments. To comment, users must authorize the Utterances app to post on their behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow. Alternatively, users can comment on the GitHub issue directly.

Utterances is a great tool for developers who want to add comments to their GitHub pages without having to use a separate service. It is easy to use, secure, and customizable, making it a popular choice for many developers and businesses. Plus, since all data is stored in GitHub issues, there is no lock-in, and users can easily export their data if they choose to switch to a different service in the future.

What are utterances features and benefits?

- Lightweight comments widget
- Built on GitHub issues
- Open source
- No tracking, no ads, always free
- No lock-in
- All data stored in GitHub issues
- Styled with Primer, the css toolkit that powers GitHub
- Lightweight
- Vanilla TypeScript
- No font downloads, JavaScript frameworks or polyfills for evergreen browsers
- Uses GitHub issue search API to find associated issue
- Utterances-bot automatically creates issue if none exists
- Users must authorize app to post on their behalf using GitHub OAuth flow
- Alternatively, users can comment on GitHub issue directly.

What is utterances pricing?

The pricing for Utterances is free and will always be $0.

Integrate utterances in Slack with Axolo

Integrating utterances in Slack with Axolo is beneficial because it allows for seamless communication and collaboration between team members during code reviews. Users can authorize the utterances app to post on their behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow and leave comments directly in Slack, making it easier for everyone involved to stay up-to-date and provide feedback in real-time.

Learn more about utterances on the GitHub marketplace.

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