GitLab Auto Assign Reviewer

Auto Reviewer Assignment for GitLab by Axolo


Axolo's Auto Reviewer Assignment feature leverages the CODEOWNERS file in your GitLab project to automate the process of selecting reviewers for merge requests (MRs). It eliminates the need for manual reviewer selection, ensuring that the right individuals are invited to review the code changes efficiently.

Who Can Use This Feature?

This feature is designed for developers. No specific role within GitLab is required, but you must have sufficient permissions to install applications on your GitLab project.

Getting Started

Installation and Setup

  • For Non-Axolo Users: Install the Axolo app on your GitLab project.
  • For Existing Axolo Users: Enable the Auto Reviewer Assignment feature within your Axolo settings.

IMPORTANT: Axolo uses the token of the engineer who installed the app. To use a different account or bot for this task, please reach out to us via our support chat.


No additional files or apps are required. However, to utilize the feature's full potential, including the selective invitation of reviewers, update your CODEOWNERS file as follows:

  • Add an integer at the end of each line to specify the number of reviewers to invite. If no integer is provided, Axolo will default to inviting 2 reviewers per line.


# CODEOWNERS file examples
# Axolo automatically invites 2 developers out of these 5 to review every MR
@kevin @joshsh @luke @sarah @lea 2

# ---------------------------------------------------------

# For MRs that include changes in the src directory,
# Axolo invites 4 reviewers, from teambackend and QA
src/* @teambackend @QA 4

# ---------------------------------------------------------

# For MRs that include changes in the src directory,
# Axolo invites two developers from teambackend and 2 from QA
src/* @teambackend 2
src/* @QA 2

# ---------------------------------------------------------

# You can write as many commands as you want

How It Works

Once configured, Axolo automates the reviewer selection process by analyzing the CODEOWNERS file for each new merge request. Based on the rules defined in the CODEOWNERS file, Axolo determines the appropriate number of reviewers to invite from the specified teams or individuals. This ensures a streamlined review process, aligning with your project's requirements and reducing manual overhead.

Assistance and Support

Should you encounter any difficulties or have inquiries regarding the Auto Reviewer Assignment feature, our support team is readily available via our chat service to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Feedback and Improvements

Your input is crucial to us. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improving this feature, or if you encounter any issues, please reach out through our support channels.