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Published on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, last updated

Top 3 GitHub Enterprise Server and Slack Integrations in 2023


We are going to deep dive in the three ways to connect your engineering team into Slack with GitHub Enterprise and how to do it. The options are:

Axolo, the collaborative application

What is Axolo?

In opposition to the other GitHub integrations, each pull request creates an ephemeral Slack channel. Instead of notifying a whole team, Axolo only invites reviewers and assignees and sends only the information that they need to see (comments, CI/CD, GitHub Action, deployments, checks) to process the pull request in due time.

The Axolo way: subscribe to GitHub pull requests in Slack

Each code comment will then create a thread in Slack, GitHub Enterprise Server and Slack are now synchronized. New messages, comments, and reviews will be sent to Slack and vice versa.

Axolo code review threads

You can then setup daily reminders to avoid stale pull requests, create your own code reviewing time slots, receive CI/CD notifications in Slack, and much more! Looking for more information on Axolo? Discover more features in our landing page!

How to set up Axolo for Enterprise?

You can start the onboarding process right away from the Axolo application.

Connect GitHub Enterprise Server with Slack by using webhooks

What is GitHub Enterprise Server

GitHub Enterprise Server is a copy of the GitHub app for Slack dedicated to Enterprise customers.

This application will post commits, pull requests, and activity on GitHub Issues to a specific channel.

How to connect GitHub Enterprise Server to Slack?

Step 1

In your GitHub account, select the repository you want to follow. Then, click on Settings in the navigation bar.

GitHub Enterprise set up step 1

Step 2

In the left navigation, click on Webhooks, and press the Add webhook button.

GitHub Enterprise set up step 1

Step 3

Paste https://hooks.slack.com/services/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 as the Payload URL. Make sure that the Content type is application/json and the SSL verification is enabled. You can choose a wide range of events to trigger notifications, but for now, they only support commits, issues, and pull requests. Click on the Add webhook button.

GitHub Enterprise set up step 1

Step 4

You can filter on a specific branch, choose which channel you want to send these notifications to, and personalize the label, name, and icon of your integrations.

Toast, the personnal notification bot

What is ToastE?

Toast is a Slack notification bot for GitHub. It sends alerts upon new pull request reviews, comments, and issues in your direct messages. ToastE is the enterprise version of Toast.

How to set up ToastE

First, you need to answer a form to be eligible.

This is an overview of the following setup:

  • Set up a host.
  • Create a GitHub app.
  • Create Slack app.
  • Deploy ToastE.
  • Expose ToastE API to Slack.
  • Finalize configuration.

If you want to have a detailed overview of the ToastE setup, they have developed a gitbook for that purpose.