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Slack stand-up bot

Schedule and receive your GitHub/GitLab pull request recap per team in your dedicated Slack channels.

Improved team communication

By providing a consistent, daily notification for team members to share updates on their PR, Axolo can help improve overall communication and coordination within a team.

Increased accountability

Help keep team members accountable by reminding everyone on the team what they are working on.

Enhanced productivity

By providing a quick and easy way to share updates and track progress, Axolo can help your team stay focused and on track, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

How does it work?

Choose where and when

Whether you want to receive it as a direct message or in a team channel, Axolo will send you the list of all the pull requests that are currently under work.

Receive your recap in due time

Axolo will send you the PR that are in progress, awaiting reviews, and awaiting to be merged.

Axolo is an incredible tool for connecting PRs with our everyday engineering discussion on Slack. As a manager, I never lose track of my engineers' work. For my engineers, it allows them to discuss and collaborate without losing a thread in different contexts.

CTO @ HeraldAPI

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