General Settings

General settings

Auto archive Slack Channels

In the settings of your app, you can choose to automatically archive the Slack channel that has been created when you merge or close the pull request.


Archiving a Slack channel automatically is a premium feature. You will need a trial or a paid plan to activate this feature.

Receive a summary of pull request checks

When all checks have finished, Axolo will send a recap in each PR channel if enabled (not available on the GitLab integration for now, only for GitHub).

pull request checks in slack

Set the maximum number of reviewers to invite while requesting a team as a reviewer

By default, Axolo will invite a maximum of four engineers if you request a GitHub team or GitLab sub-group as a reviewer.


We recommend keeping this number low (~3). Inviting too many people in channels creates unnecessary notifications and harms your team's mental load and productivity.

Public or private pull request channels

You can set up Axolo to create private pull request channels instead of the public in your Slack workspace.

Pros of private channels:

  • No pull request channels cluttering your history,
  • Pull requests stay private between creator, assignees, and reviewers.

Cons of private channels:

  • You cannot access Slack channels once merged (but everything stays in GitHub/GitLab),
  • The rest of the team cannot jump into the conversation without being invited.

Edit the name of pull request channels

By default, the name of your channel will be _[draft]_pr_[repository_name]_[pull_request_title]. _mr replaces _pr for GitLab users.

You can change the way Axolo names your channel in your settings. You have access to specific variables:

[draft]Insert 'draft' or nothing depending on the PR state
[pull_request_title]Slugified name of the pull request
[branch_name]Name of the pull request branch
[pull_request_number]Number of the pull request
[repository_name]Repository name of the pull request

See some examples below based upon this pull request:


By default, you need at least [pull_request_number] or [pull_request_title] to avoid having the same name.

Enable bots in Axolo

By default, Axolo won't:

  • open Slack channels when a bot opens a new pull request,
  • send a notification in Slack if a bot comments on a pull request,
  • send a notification in Slack if a bot reviews a pull request.

But you can enable bots to act as normal users with this setting.

Special workflows

Automatically leave a channel after approval

You can set up Axolo to automatically leave a channel if you approve a pull request. This will prevent you from staying in channels that do not need your attention, but you won't be notified if something new happens in the channel or if the author pushes new commits.

If you have specific requests concerning new workflows, please chat with us!