How to

How to

Enable Axolo to write Slack and GitHub/GitLab comments on your behalf

Engineers connected to Axolo can find in their Axolo home Settings one Slack and one GitHub/GitLab Sign-In button. Upon completion, Axolo will be able to write comments on your behalf for both tools. We do not ask for more scopes than the organization scopes already approved, except for the GitHub/GitLab engineer's email (mandatory for authentication).

Axolo home OAuth Slack and GitHub/GitLab

Comment as user with Axolo

Pros and Cons of GitHub/GitLab and Slack SignIn


Notes from the Axolo founders: Slack and GitHub/GitLab sign-in have two main purposes:
1. Less notifications on Slack. The user Slack token allow for much more granularity when handling events in Slack resulting in you getting only the information you need.
2. More contextual information for people in your team: We can can write in your name for things you did on GitHub/GitLab or event react with emojis to communicate events to other people in your team.

DescriptionGitHub + Slack Sign InNo Sign in
Stop receiving notifications in Slack for your own GitHub/GitLab comments
Writing and editing on Slack on your behalf
Writing and editing on GitHub/GitLab on your behalf
Prevent Slackbot from sending a notification when a channel is archived
Reacting with 🔎 on a PR notification to let your team knows you're a reviewer
Unarchiving channels when you reopen a pull request
Writing in Axolo Channels

Onboard yourself on Axolo

If the admin has already installed Axolo within your workspace, new engineers can onboard themselves from the Axolo home within Slack. Click on the Axolo app (or cmd/ctr + k then type 'Axolo'), select your GitHub/GitLab login and you're ready to go.

self onboarding on Axolo

Add a new engineer to Axolo

Go to your Axolo Team page (opens in a new tab) and then click on the Manage my team button. From the modal, you’ll be able to connect GitHub/GitLab and Slack profiles of your new team members and activate their Axolo accounts.

select team members on Axolo

Remove an engineer on Axolo

Same as above but this time find and click on the cross next to your onboarded engineer.

Remove team members on Axolo

Add a new repository to Axolo

If during the onboarding process, you gave Axolo access to all your organization repositories, Axolo will automatically follow new repositories.

If you selected specific repositories and want to add new ones, go to your Axolo home (opens in a new tab), in Settings click on Integrations, and then click on the Update GitHub app button. Select Configure (upper right), select your organization and in Repository access select new repositories and save.

Pause Axolo for some engineers

Some engineers prefer to keep emails and GitHub notifications to handle their reviews, and that's fine! You can find a Pause button inside the Axolo home. When you pause Axolo, we won't invite you in PR channels anymore and stop sending you notifications, but your pull requests will still create a channel and we will invite your reviewers inside the channel. That way, someone can pause Axolo without preventing the channel creation for their colleagues.