Make the best of Axolo
Make the best of Axolo for engineers

Make the best of Axolo for engineers

Here is a list of recommandations to make the best of Axolo. We recommend you to share this with your team so that everyone is on the same page.

Share this page with your team:

Here is a summary of them all:

Sign in With Slack + GitHubTo get a better notification experience
Set up your notificationsTo focus while working
Slack sectionsTo find your PR channels easily
Axolo timeslotsTo only get notified when you want to

Sign in With Slack + GitHub

Enable Axolo to write Slack and GitHub/GitLab comments on your behalf

Engineers connected to Axolo can find in their Axolo home Settings one Slack and one GitHub/GitLab Sign-In button. Upon completion, Axolo will be able to write comments on your behalf for both tools. We do not ask for more scopes than the organization scopes already approved, except for the GitHub/GitLab engineer's email (mandatory for authentication).

You can do that in the Axolo Home Page in Slack:

Set up Slack notif

Pros and Cons of GitHub/GitLab and Slack SignIn


Notes from the Axolo founders: Slack and GitHub/GitLab sign-in have two main purposes:
1. Less notifications on Slack. The user Slack token allow for much more granularity when handling events in Slack resulting in you getting only the information you need.
2. More contextual information for people in your team: We can can write in your name for things you did on GitHub/GitLab or event react with emojis to communicate events to other people in your team.

DescriptionGitHub + Slack Sign InNo Sign in
Stop receiving notifications in Slack for your own GitHub/GitLab comments
Writing and editing on Slack on your behalf
Writing and editing on GitHub/GitLab on your behalf
Prevent Slackbot from sending a notification when a channel is archived
Reacting with 🔎 on a PR notification to let your team knows you're a reviewer
Unarchiving channels when you reopen a pull request
Writing in Axolo Channels

Set up your notifications

  1. turn off email notifications from GitHub or GitLab (disable the Global notification level),

  2. set up Slack notifications for Direct messages, mentions & keywords or Nothing. Being notified for every message disturbs your work.

Set up Slack notif

How to use Slack sections

As Slack does not provide any way to handle sections in its API, Axolo can't manage your channels in sections, but we have a solution!

We recommend to clean the default Channels section from any non-Axolo channels and make sure its at the top of your Slack sections. That way, all your Axolo channels will automatically be created in this default section and won't be mixed up with the rest of your environment.

Axolo channel management

How to use Axolo timeslots

Axolo's timeslots are meant to preserve developers' focus. By creating timeslots from the Axolo home in Slack, each time someone request a review from you, you will only be invited right away if the time is within one of your timeslot, or at the beginning or the next timeframe.

Invite later notification
Axolo timeslots for code review