General settings

Daily reminders for pull requests

Axolo reminders for pull requests

Reminders for stale pull requests are deactivated by default. You can activate it and ask Axolo to send a reminder every day in each PR channel. This will send a notification only if the PR has not received any review for the past X hours (it's up to you to decide the time!).

Reminder personalization

Each developer can create new reminders for their team. Only an admin user can delete Axolo's default reminders.

Each reminder needs to have a dedicated PR status, Axolo sends reminders according to the status of the pull request.

You have access to three variables to personalize your reminders. Let's take an example of a pull request opened by Alex 2 days ago. Alex asked Sarah & Conor to review the pull request:

Hey [reviewers], don't forget about [author]'s pull request opened [duration]. would be transformed to Hey Sarah & Conor, don't forget about Alex's pull request which has been opened for 2 days..

Axolo Message Personalization