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Understanding PR status

Understanding Axolo pull request status

There are 6 different status for a pull request in Axolo and each status has a dedicated emoji reaction inside team channels:

Pull Request StatusDefault Emoji
WIP (Work-in-progress)🔧

Here is a screenshot of a team channel with pull request notifications:

Axolo team notifications


On GitHub, a pull request is considered a draft when it has a draft status. On GitLab, a merge request is considered draft when its title starts with 'draft:' or 'wip:'.

Axolo will create a channel and invite the author (and its reviewers if the author assigned them). On GitHub, it will not invite reviewers that are automatically assigned by a code owner file as GiHub does not 'request a review' until the pull request is ready for review.

The notification inside team channels is not created yet, it will be sent only when the pull request is ready for review.

Ready for review

When a pull request is ready for review, it means that it is ready to be reviewed.


When a pull request is in work-in-progress, it means that it was ready for ready and something changed this status. This change may be caused by:

  • on GitHub, someone requested changes on the pull request,
  • on GitLab, someone unapproved the merge request,
  • the CI/CD has revealed some error that prevent the pull request to be merged,
  • Axolo thinks there is a conflict with the base/target branch.


When a pull request is mergeable, it means that it is ready to be merged. To be mergeable, a pull request needs to:

  • receive the minimum amount of approvals,
  • have no conflict with the base/target branch,
  • pass all the required CI/CD checks.


When a pull request is merged or closed, it means that it is no longer open.