Team Channel

Team channel

Default general channel

By default, Axolo will create a channel, _axolo where all onboarded engineers will be invited. You can rename it from Slack or disable it from this view.

Axolo Team channels

The first purpose of this channel is to announce every new active pull request. Then, when updates are pushed to the PR, Axolo will react with a specific emoji upon PR status (you can change the default emoji reaction in your settings).


Axolo will notify only on active pull requests. Draft pull requests only create a notification once they are set on "Ready for review".

Axolo team notifications

List of default emoji reactions:

Pull Request StatusEmoji
WIP (Work in progress)🔧

Team-specific channels

Axolo gives you the possibility to create team-specific channels. A team channel will create a new pull request notification if the creator of the pull request is both in the team and onboarded on Axolo. You can set up team channels upon specific GitHub teams or GitLab sub-groups.


This feature is only available in the business plan. In other plans, you have the possibility to create either a global Axolo channel or a unique team channel.


Example: You can create an platform-team channel that will only receive new PR notifications from your Platform team. This allows the Platform team not to be notified by other pull requests.


Axolo will open a dedicated _axolo_deployments channel for deployment notifications. You can select specific deployment status to receive (ex: only receiving failed deployment in Slack would be unselecting "success").