Create a pull request channel

By default, Axolo will create a Slack channel for every new pull request opened by one engineer onboarded.


You can choose not to create a Slack channel by adding _noslackchannel in the initial comment when you open a pull request or use our label manager.

Receive notifications from GitHub in channels

Axolo reacts to four kinds of notifications from GitHub.

  1. Issue comments & code review comments

Axolo is complete Slack-GitHub integration. Slack messages in pull request channels will create issue comments in GitHub, and code review comments in GitHub will create dedicated Slack threads (and conversely).

If you sign in with your GitHub and Slack profile during the engineer onboarding, Axolo will be able to write these comments on your behalf.

Axolo thread comments
  1. Pull request checks

When all your pull request checks are completed, Axolo can send you a summary with the status of each check-in in the PR channel. If each commit creates new PR checks, we only send a new notification if the overall status of the checks has changed (success -> error)

Axolo all checks summary
  1. Deployments

Each deployment notification concerning repositories linked with Axolo will be sent directly to a dedicated _axolo_deployments channel. These notifications are composed of the id of the deployment, the creator, the status, and the name of the deployed branch.

Axolo deployment notification


You can set up Axolo to send you open PR summary on a daily basis. Select what team should be involved (the whole organization or a specific team), what day the PR summary should be sent and the time, and keep your stand-ups short & productive!

Axolo PR summary for stand-ups

Code Snippets

Introduced in August 2022, code snippets allow you to visualize your code directly in Slack whenever there is a code comment.

Axolo doesn't have access to your code, for this feature to work Axolo relies on the official Slack GitHub integration. Axolo creates a permalink to your code and sends it to Slack. This way the official GitHub - Slack integration can show you your code.

This feature automatically turns on if your Slack has the GitHub-Slack integration. If you want to turn it on or off contact support.

Axolo Code snippets

/lgtm from a channel

/lgtm (optional) comment is an Axolo command. The LGTM (Looks Good To Me) command will approve the current pull request in GitHub. You can add an optional comment to the review.

Axolo deployment notification

Stay on top of your team pull request

By clicking on the Axolo bot in your Slack you can have access to your open pull request

PR Awaiting your reviewPR you've been assigned to that you need to review
Your draft PRThe PRs where you are the creator that are in draft mode
My pending PRThe PR where you are the creator and where you are awaiting review from one of your peers.
All other open pull requestsEverything is in the title :)

Axolo home in slack

Open PR summary with /axolo command

Find all your open PRs with one simple command:

  • /axolo open to show all open PRs of your organization,

  • /axolo me for your open PRs,

  • /axolo team [team name] to show all PRs from a specific team.

    Axolo team notifications

Do not create a channel for a specific pull request

You can choose not to create a Slack channel by adding _noslackchannel in the body of your soon-to-be GitHub pull request or using a specific label in our label manager.

Choose individual code reviewing time slots

Each engineer onboarded on Axolo can find its time slot settings in its Axolo home in Slack. Anyone can create its code reviewing slots and Axolo will only invite the reviewer in its dedicated time slots.

For now, every working day will share the same slots (from Monday to Friday).

Time slots for invitation

Bookmark pull request information

By default, Axolo will create the following bookmarks. They automatically update whenever there are changes to your pull request on GitHub. From the example below:

ExampleNumber explanationLinks to
PR #449The number of the PRLinking to the discussion of the pull request in GitHub
Commits (5)Amount of commitsLinks to the commit page
ChecksN/ALinks to the check page
Files Changed (29)Amount of files changedLinks to the changed files
diff +765 -279Additions and deletionsLinks to the changed files
Jira TicketN/ALinks to the relevant Jira ticket. (Only works if Jira integration is added and there was a Jira ticket provided in the pull request title or branch)

Time slots for invitation