Create a pull request channel

By default, Axolo will create a Slack channel for every new pull request opened by one engineer onboarded.


You can choose not to create a Slack channel by adding _noslackchannel in the initial comment when you open a pull request.

Edit the name of pull request channels

By default the name of your channel will be _draft if your pull request is a draft and then _pr_[repository_name]_[pull_request_title].

You can change the way it get displayed in your settings with the following variables:

[draft]Shows whether the PR is a draft_draft_pr_AmberJack_hotfix_installation
[pull_request_title]Will put the name of the pull request slugified._draft_pr_AmberJack_hotfix_installation
[branch_name]Name of the branch of the pull request_draft_pr_AmberJack_hotfix_installation_featurehotfix
[pull_request_number]  Number of the pull request _pr_AmberJack_hotfix_installation_26
[repository_name] Name of the repository of the pull request _pr_AmberJack_hotfix_installation_26
[status] Will give the status of the pull request (see Pull Request Status in Slack Channel title). This overwrites [draft] variable. ⚠️ Status can create a lot of notifications for every title change._pr_AmberJack_PAUSED_hotfix_installation_draft

By default you need at least [pull_request_number] or [pull_request_title] to avoid having the same name.
Screenshot of the settings:

Axolo General Channel

Pull request status in Slack channel title

At Axolo, we have defined 6 different statuses for pull requests. Our objective is to show the status of each of your PR from a high-level perspective in order to quickly gauge which ones are urgent. The status are:

draftThe pull request is still in draft.
wipThere is still some work to be done (changes were requested or the pull request is not mergeable).
tbrTo be reviewed.
tbmTo be merged.
closedThe pull request was closed.
mergedThe pull request was merged.

You can enable this feature from our application.

Receive notifications from GitHub in channels

Axolo reacts to four kinds of notifications from GitHub.

  1. Issue comments & code review comments

Axolo is complete Slack-GitHub integration. Slack messages in pull request channels will create issue comments in GitHub, code review comments in GitHub will create dedicated Slack threads (and conversely).

If you sign in with your GitHub and Slack profile during the engineer onboarding, Axolo will be able to write these comments on your behalf.

Axolo thread comments
  1. Pull request checks

When all your pull request checks are completed, Axolo is able to send you a summary with the status of each check-in in the PR channel. If each commit creates new PR checks, we only send a new notification if the overall status of the checks has changed (success -> error)

Axolo all checks summary
  1. Deployments

Each deployment notification concerning repositories linked with Axolo will be sent directly to a dedicated _axolo_deployments channel. These notifications are composed of the id of the deployment, the creator, the status, and the name of the deployed branch.

Axolo deployment notification

/lgtm from a channel

/lgtm (optional) comment is an Axolo command. The LGTM command will approve the current pull request in GitHub. You can add an optional comment to the review.

Axolo deployment notification

Global channel for pull requests

By defaut Axolo will create a channel, _axolo where all onboarded engineers will be invited. You can rename it, or leave the channel to come back at it anytime. Edit this setting from your settings page: app.axolo.co/settings.

This channel announces every new pull request and when updates are pushed to the PR, Axolo will react with a specific emoji upon PR status.

Axolo General Channel

List of default emoji reactions:

Pull Request Status Emoji
 Wip (Work in progress)🔧

Team specific Channels

On the business plan, Axolo gives you the possibility to create team specific channels.

A team channel will create a new pull request notification if the creator of the pull request is both on the team and onboarded on Axolo.

Deleting the channel will archive it. Emoji behave the same way than in a Axolo global channel.

This feature is only available in the business plan. In other plan you have the possibility to create either a global Axolo channel or a single team channel

Axolo General Channel

Example: You can create an axolo_devops channel that will only receive new PR notifications from your devops team. This allow the devops team not to be notified by other team pull request.

Editing your emoji to custom emojis:

You can set up your own emojis, and even your Slack custom emojis from your settings page: app.axolo.co/settings.

Stay on top of your team pull request

By clicking on Axolo bot in your Slack you can have access to your open pull request

PR Awaiting your reviewPR you've been assigned to that you need to review
Your draft PRThe PR where you are the creator that are in draft mode
My pending PRThe PR where you are the creator and where you are awaiting review from one of your peers.
All other open pull requestsEverything is in the title :)

Axolo home in slack

Do not create a channel for a specific pull request

You can choose not to create a Slack channel by adding _noslackchannel in the initial comment when you create a pull request.

Archive a channel automatically

In the settings of your app, you can choose to automatically archive the Slack channel that has been created when your merge or close the pull request.


Archive a Slack channel automatically is a premium feature. You will need a trial account or a professional one to activate this feature.

Choose individual code reviewing time slots

Each engineer onboarded on Axolo can find its time slot settings in its Axolo home in Slack. Anyone can create its code reviewing slots and Axolo will only invite the reviewer in its dedicated time slots.

For now, every working day will share the same slots (from Monday to Friday).

Time slots for invitation